The iSea event is organized annually by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment ("Rijkswaterstaat") aimed at stimulating innovation for the sustainable development of the North Sea.



Part of this event is the competition "Clash of the Concepts", where innovative technologies compete in front of the jury from the offshore and delta sector. The lineup this year of 11 companies included amongst others innovative technologies for harvesting of wave and tidal energy and the collection and reuse of plastic waste. VizionZ participated in the battle with our innovative damping technology for offshore wind - the ZeaDamper - focusing on the sustainability improvement it offers for the North Sea in terms of reduced material use and CO2 footprint.




The battle was tough and took two rounds. After the two semi-finals, the final 4 concepts remained to battle for the prize of 10.000 euro. The final was a close call, but in the end the ZeaDamper was awarded the win. The prize money will be used for the further development of the technology with TNO.