• Large Structures, Cranes, Bridges
  • Cable Installation Equipment and Structures


We have developed a specialty and distinguish ourselves with our knowledge in the areas of: Our expertise also covers all core steps of the design and engineering process of offshore structures such as:
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Modal analysis
  • Dynamic response and time history loading
  • Stability
  • Non-linear analysis (material, geometry)
  • deck/ship integrity and strength of the equipment for pipe/cable laying ships
  • hydro- / electro-driving of bridges
  • all necessary  global structural analysis ( static and dynamic)
  • detail calculations  (static and dynamic)
  • lifting, transport, on bottom stability, ship collision, collapse (dropped object)
  • Stability (barge with loading), sea fastening
  • Pre-stressed structures, welds (global, local)
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