Now also the online version of the single Integrated Portal for all the solutions VizionZ Engineering provides is available online. The Vizion360 online application integrates our offshore equipment and data collection solutions with our (Structural) Analysis services into one visual repository accessible to all our customers online.

VizionZ Engineering Online Integration Portal


The equipment available in the application covers the three categories of Offshore Foundations, Vessels and Installation Equipment. This includes our ZeaDamper™ equipment for the monitoring and control of offshore wind foundations, our Motion Monitoring Solutions for offshore vessels and offshore installation equipment.

The separate data streams such as GPS-coordinates, vibrations, accelerations stresses etc. from each piece of equipment are integrated and correlated within the online cartographic environment. The Vizion360 application then provides the complete state of the registered equipment, both historical data and real-time values, with a separate information layer for each piece of equipment.

Finally, selected data streams for specific assets or equipment of interest are coupled for specific processing such as Finite Element Models, CFD evaluations (in the Cloud) and the resulting reports are made available to the client. This facilitates the scenario’s of asset condition monitoring and design optimizations based on operational data.

VizionZ Engineering Motion Time History Analysis VizionZ Engineering Offshore Equipment Motion Time History FEM

You are welcome to interact with a limited access Demo available on our website and contact us for subscription pricing and training courses requests.


This month, VizionZ Engineering has put in operation our test and demonstration site for the ZeaDamper™ - the innovative technology for the cost reduction of offshore wind foundations. The Test Site located in the Port of Rotterdam (Maasvlakte2) enables our team to perform load tests on a monopile foundation in a simulated environment with sea water and sand from the North Sea.


VizionZ Engineering Foundation Demonstration Site Port of Rotterdam


The site is equipped with facilities to demonstrate the performance of the ZeaDamper™ technology through measurements of:

  • damping ratio increases of the monopile foundation 
  • improvements of the soil-pile interaction
  • the monopile end-bearing capacity improvement
  • improvements in the reaction overturning moment of the monopile

The measurement equipment on site enables our team to collect this performance data under different load conditions and for actively changing damper configurations.


VizionZ Engineering Foundation Demonstration Site Port of Rotterdam


In the next several months, the project team will be collecting and analyzing this data in several different aspects such as FEM analysis and frequency domain analysis. The added remote monitoring station on site enables the collection and real-time streaming of the foundation performance data over a long period of time without supervision and with the ability for real-time intervention remotely. 

VizionZ Engineering Live Vibraion Dashboard VizionZ Engineering Vibration Spectral Analysis

If you want to know more about the ZeaDamper™ and what it can do for your offshore wind project contact us.



The VizionZ mobile vibration measurement station with a live data feed has been launched today on the Maasvlakte2 in Rotterdam.


VizionZ Engineering Mobile Vibration Monitoring Station


 For more details about this unit and its capabilities refer to the product page of the Live Vibration Monitoring.


VizionZ Engineering is looking back at a successful Dutch trade mission this March in Paris. The mission was led by the Dutch minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation and the Dutch Royal family.



Our Managing Director joined the group of leading offshore wind companies from the Netherlands and introduced our innovative solutions for the Offshore Wind market. Many visited our innovation stand at the Cité de la Mode et du Design and got introduced to the range of solutions for the reduction of offshore wind costs – ranging from the ZeaDamper™ for monopiles and jackets to the mobile Met Mast design for offshore wind farms jointly developed with Fouré Lagadec. Both of which offer significant cost reduction opportunities for the upcoming French offshore wind market. VizionZ Engineering Trade Mission France Expo Stand


We are especially pleased to have been able to welcome His Majesty the Dutch King to our innovation stand and discuss the potential of such technologies for the development of the offshore wind industry.




VizionZ Engineering is proud to have been part of the Offshore Wind trade mission to the UK organized by The Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) from 23rd to 25th of June 2015. 


At the venue of the Global Offshore Wind 2015 Conference & Exhibition at ExCeL in London a significant number of new contacts were made. Discussing the many running and upcoming offshore wind projects in the UK revealed significant opportunities for VizionZ to contribute through our structural engineering services and innovative technologies. Both contributing to the realization of the targets for cost reduction in offshore wind by optimizing the foundation design for fatigue.